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How to make an Appointment

In studio or on the road

To make an appointment:

Call the shop 410-400-9641 
We do require a minimum of a $100 deposit. Which can be left in person or via phone call.
Email all references to or your artists email (link under their Quote on the artist page) 

We always would like to see our clients faces and get to know them a little before we mark them for life. An in shop consultation is preferred . All in shop consultations are FREE of charge. If you require a Skype or Face-time consultation, you must email the link prior to the time and date set up for consult.
On the road appointments are done the same way whether it be for a convention or the town we are traveling too.

We Do Not do or book in house work A.K.A. Tattoo Parties. 
We are a complete custom tattoo studio, walk-ins are welcome but appointments are first in line 

To make an appointment with Tony DeVille:

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Tony DeVille, takes new appointments on a (approximate) 6 week timeline. As to not take away from new appointments, all "multi-session" appointments are to be made in advance according to your project's needs.


Scheduled days are: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.


Wednesdays are for Walk-ins and tattoo appts for under 2 hours.


All tattoo projects include AFTERCARE by Canna Ink'd.

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